First To Know


First To Know


Oil on Canvas

30″ x 40″

It can be very nerve-racking to start a new venture, but I start new with every canvas I paint. “First to Know” is a self-portrait I made after switching back to fine art from the medical illustration field. It is, in a sense, an image of empowerment for me. Created with a variety of techniques and styles mixed into one piece, I am at the center, with my gaze fixed on the horizon—what’s ahead—and determined to carry on with poise and courage. In this piece I subtly reference Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter” in the background and in the pose I use while also still just being me. I am surrounded by noise, inundated with images, signs, advertisements, shapes, forms, words and marks, but I remain steadfast. I titled it “First to Know” because at the time, I was the “first to know” that I would succeed regardless of what it took, that I was the “first to know” how strong I could be, and that I was the “first to know” just what I could do. Now, when I look at this image I feel emboldened and inspired.